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Cat Breeds

This part of the website has info on lots of cat breeds. There are over 70 types of cats that groups say are real breeds. Cats come in all shapes and sizes.

You can read about the history of each breed. Also find out how big or small they get. Learn what their fur looks like and the colors. We tell you how much energy each breed has. And how cuddly or independent they are. You’ll see if they like kids or not too.

We tell if each breed does better in an apartment or needs a yard. The website also lists health problems some breeds may have.

Use the breed profiles to pick which ones fit your life. Figure out if you want a lap cat or one that plays a lot. Or if you want a cat that does its own thing. There’s a breed for everyone! Once you find breeds you like, look at our cats to adopt one today.

Come check it out to learn about all the cool cat breeds and find your perfect furry friend!