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Adoption & Rescue

Finding a furry cat to welcome into your home can be a real joy. Our Adoption & Rescue stories share heartwarming tales of cats who found new forever families. We tell amazing stories about stray and abandoned cats who had no home. We also feature cats that previous owners gave up. Read how new families open up their hearts and houses to give these cats the second chance they deserve. Learn all about local cat rescue groups too. These volunteers work super hard caring for homeless cats and finding them new homes.

Our Adoption & Rescue articles offer tips if adopting a pet cat is something you might want to do. You’ll learn how small acts of kindness can change the lives of animals down on their luck. This section also celebrates the great friendships between people and their furry felines. And we feature stories of the happiness that comes from giving cats loving homes of their own. We want to inspire others to help cats in their community find friendly families for a fresh start. Please check back often for the latest heartwarming cat adoption stories and rescue updates!