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Cat Behavior

Do you ever wonder what your cat is thinking or why they act a certain way? In this section you can learn all about cat behavior. Cats communicate using sounds like meowing and hissing. They also use body language with their tails, ears and eyes. We’ll explain what different behaviors mean so you understand what your cat is trying to say. You’ll discover normal behaviors and signs that a behavior might be a problem. You’ll get tips to address issues before they get worse.

This section has info for both new and experienced cat owners. You’ll find out how cats play, scratch and show emotions. Understanding behavior more will help you bond with your furry friend. We give ideas for playtime, training and making your home cat-friendly. Whether you just got a cat or have had them for years, there is always more to learn about their behavior. Exploring this section is fun and will help you provide better care by knowing what your cat needs. Come check it out to learn secrets about how cats act and what they are trying to tell you!