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Adoption Guide

If you are thinking about adopting a cat, our adoption guides can help you each step of the way. We have easy-to-use tips and handy checklists to help you find the purrfect furry friend. Our articles will make the adoption process smooth so you and your new feline companion can bond and build a loving relationship.

What kind of questions should you ask the staff when you visit the animal shelter? Our guides give you important things to look for when meeting potential cats, like their personality and health history. You’ll also get advice on prepping your home to be safe and fun before you welcome a cat. For example, you’ll learn how to cat-proof your belongings and set up places for your new furball to sleep and play.

Introducing a cat to other pets? No problem! Our adoption guides give step-by-step instructions to help integrate your new four-legged friend into a multi-cat or multi-pet home. We’ll help you decode common kitty behaviors too, like why they love to scratch up your furniture and wake you up too early!

The articles also explain what to do for your first vet visit, what kinds of food and litter work best, and what fun toys to get so your new buddy can let out their inner lion. We want matching cats and humans for life. Our adoption guides set you both up for success!