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Cat Rescue Organizations

Cat rescue groups save homeless cats. They get cats from shelters or find stray cats. The volunteers take care of the sick or hurt cats until they feel better.
The groups on this page help cats that need extra help. They make cats that are sick or scared not be so scared. Once the cats are happy and healthy, they live with foster families until someone wants to adopt them.
If you adopt a cat from a rescue group, you will save a life. The groups pick the perfect home for each cat. They want the cat and family to be happy together for a long time.
Look at the cat rescue group listings to find your new furry friend! Contact them if you like a certain cat. You will help cats and get a loving pet.
How’s this shorter version? I aimed for around a 7th grade reading level by using simpler sentences and vocabulary. Please let me know if you would like me to modify or expand on anything further.