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Bengal Cats

The Bengal cat has a wild appearance but is actually a domestic cat breed. Bengals look like small leopards with distinct spotted or marbled coat markings in various colors. They were first created by breeding Asian Leopard Cats with domestic cats to produce hybrid offspring. After many generations of strategic breeding, the Bengal developed into a friendly family pet with an exotic look.

In our Bengal Cats section, read all about this unique and relatively new cat breed. See pictures and videos of their stunning coats up close. Learn about their origins, history, personalities, care needs, and more. Get insider tips from experienced Bengal owners on proper training, socialization, enrichment and activities for this energetic, intelligent cat. Whether you already share your home with one of these “leopard-cats” or are considering getting one in the future, our articles will provide useful information so you know what makes Bengals tick.

Let the Bengal Cats articles be your go-to guide for understanding these cats that combine the look of wild cats with the companionship of domestic ones.