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Welcome to the Causes section, folks! If you’re wondering why your kitty’s got a little extra jiggle in their wiggle, this category is the place to be. We’re diving deep into the issue of cat obesity, uncovering the reasons behind those chubby cheeks and fluffy bellies.

In these articles, we’ll spill the beans on what’s making our feline friends plumper than a well-stuffed cushion. From overindulgent treats to sedentary snooze-fests, we’ll explore the sneaky culprits that contribute to those expanding waistlines. We’ll even dish out some purr-worthy advice on how to tackle this weighty issue and get your kitty back to tip-top shape.

So, whether your cat’s got more cushion for the pushin’ or you just want to keep them fit and fierce, this category has got your back. Get ready to unravel the mysteries of cat obesity, and together, let’s help our furry companions live their best, healthiest lives.