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Why Do Cats Scratch Before Drinking Water?

Why Do Cats Scratch Before Drinking Water?

Cat scratching is an attempt to relieve the stress that they feel when they are thirsty. Cats drink water and then scratch at their backs, but don’t have to do it every time you give them something new or different for each sip of liquid!

What Is The Reason Behind This Behavior?

Cats scratch on the surface of water before drinking it. Curious creatures like to explore new things, so they do this behavior. Cat’s behaviour is different from that of other animals such as dogs and humans.

Why Does This Happen?

Cat in office scratched at all times when she was not working on her job. Researchers thought it might have something to do with the fact that this cat was in love and couldn’t be with him because of work. They decided to use an experiment where we would assign each cat an assignment: “i’m going out for a walk”.

Cats returned until given assignments, but didn’t get any more scratches than usual after their walks were over.

The average kitten drinks about 5-10% of their body weight in water each day.

The Fascinating Reason Behind This Behavior

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They can be trained to drink water by using the following method: feeding it with food, then giving him/her some fresh water every day for at least an hour or so each day until its thirst subsides; this process is called “water training” you should also provide your cat with plenty of clean litter-box/”>litter boxes in case there are any accidents while drinking (such as when eating fish), but make sure that these do not get wet!

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Kittens need a lot of water, but how much exactly? The average kitten drinks about 5-10% of their body weight in water each day. This is not enough for them so they need more.