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Bengals, Persians, Ragdolls and More: An Inside Look at the World’s Most Popular, Rare & Wild Cat Breeds

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There are so many different pedigreed (purebred) cat breeds out there – way more than you could ever imagine! Each kind of cat looks different, acts different, and needs different care. Picking the exact right breed for your home and family is really important if you want to have a happy, healthy furball.

This article spills all the beans about the most popular cat breeds people like to keep as pets. We’ll chat about everything from how they look to what their personalities are like. I’ll also tell you about some ancient breeds people have had for thousands of years! And there are even rare and exotic cats from far away, hard-to-reach places.

I want to help you learn all about cat breeds so you can find the best one. Whether you like quiet couch potatoes or noisy playmates, spotted coats or solid colors, skinny kitties or fluffy softies, there’s a perfect breed for everyone. Keep reading to meet some amazing kitties!

Most Popular Breeds

Some cat breeds are super common because people adore their sweet faces and friendly personalities.

The Abyssinian has short red fur with black ticking that needs brushing once a week. They’re supersmart and love playing games and learning tricks.

Ragdoll cats are big sweeties with beautiful long fur in creamy colors like white, brown and black. Their silky soft coat doesn’t mat or tangle. These gentle guys are happy to lounge around inside with their loving owners.

Siamese cats can have light brown, white, or coal black fur. They chatter nonstop in loud squeaky meows and follow their favorite people everywhere. Siamese get lonely and stressed fast so you have to give them lots of attention and playtime every single day.

There are also happy Scottish Fold cats with their floppy folded ears, and Turkish Angoras with their long silvery coats that come in red, black, blue and more.

Ancient History Breeds

Did you know some kitties today look just like cats people owned thousands of years ago? It’s true!

The Balinese has super long, silky fur like an Angora rabbit and pointy Siamese style markings on their face, paws and tails. Ancient Egyptians painted these beauties on tomb walls over 2,000 years ago! Balinese cats love to gab and they stick their nosy faces into everything you do.

Huge, furry Maine Coon cats worked on ships and farms over 150 years ago. Now they make awesome family pets who play gently and get along with everyone. Their shaggy coats keep them nice and cozy in freezing cold winters.

In ancient Turkey over 1,000 years ago, fancy Turkish Angoras were treasured by royalty and treated like kings and queens. Nobles loved their long, glimmery coats that come in red, black, blue and more colors. They still enjoy playing and learning tricks with people today.

Exotic Breeds

If you want a really unique cat, there are exotic breeds from faraway, hard-to-reach countries most people never get to see in real life.

The Korat comes from Thailand. Their short silver-blue fur and enormous green eyes make them look like beautiful aliens. Korats pick one special human and fiercely stand guard over them all their life.

The Kurilian Bobtail originated on tiny islands way up north of Japan. They have a cute stubby bobbed tail and soft, flowing coats in many colors and patterns. But you better watch out – they can yell at you with dramatic meows if you make them mad!

Bombay cats were named after the exotic Indian city of Mumbai. With sleek black fur and glittering yellow eyes, they look just like mini black panthers! They’ll cuddle you all day long if you let them.

And the nearly bald Sphynx cat from Canada doesn’t even have fur…it just has a little peach fuzz! These silly naked cats will follow you from room to room so they can be the center of attention 24 hours a day!

Popular Hybrid Breeds

Clever cat breeders mix together different types of pedigreed cats to get new hybrid breeds. This lets them pack together only the best personality and physical traits.

By mating tall, lanky domestic cats with wild African Serval cats, they created the crazy Savannah. These super springy dudes have spotted golden coats and can triple jump six feet in the air to bat toys! Good luck trying to get them to settle down and relax…

The Cornish Rex has no real fur – just very fine, soft ripply hair that hardly sheds. If someone in your home has cat allergies, this goofy clown can be the perfect match! They love learning tricks and playing fetch too.

They blended lazy Ragdoll couch potatoes with fluffy long haired domestic kitties to get the laidback Ragamuffin breed. These quiet teddybears come in all colors and patterns. All they want out of life is back scratches, cat treats and lots of naps.

And check out the Pixiebob with its spotted leopard coat and short bobbed tail. Acting wild just like their bobcat cousins, Pixiebobs stay bouncy and daring. You better be ready to run up and down stairs with a ton of feathery cat toys to wear them out!

Rare and Unique Breeds

The rarest and most wonderful cat breeds come from teensy villages hidden away in distant corners of the planet. Tracking them down can take months of adventures across oceans and mountains!

The Vyborg comes from frigid Siberia near icy cold Lake Ladoga. Thick fur over their legs and paws allows the Vyborg to tromp through deep snow. Most are born with Siamese style points on their nose, paws and tail tip. Get ready for lots of loud yowling – Vyborgs never shut up!

In the remote Lake Van region of Turkey live the unique all-white Turkish Vans with just a couple red or black splashes. Their medium length fur feels as soft as angora bunny fur. And they actually love playing tag in lakes and pools! Weird water-loving scaredy cats!

On the magical Isle of Man in the stormy Irish Sea dwell the Manx cousins called Cymrics. They have bunny-short tails or no tail at all. Rain doesn’t bug these puffballs since their dense double coats are waterproof. But they stress out if left home alone all work day.

Or you might fall head over heels for the lean, mean Egyptian Mau. Covered in magical markings to honor sacred scarab beetles, they come in shades of tawny, bronze or silver. This wild speed demon can outrun a cheetah! But good luck – the attention-hogging Mau gets attached to just one special owner.

There are so many more fantastic rare breeds scattered across our amazing planet! Part of the magic of cats is exploring to uncover their mysteries.

Popular Mixed Breeds

You’ve probably seen cute mixed breed cats at your local animal shelter. These are wonderful kitties without papers called domestic shorthairs or domestics longhairs. They come in every color and pattern. Their personalities are unique mixes – maybe playful one day and sleepy the next! When you adopt a mixed kitten or cat, you’re giving an amazing furry friend their forever home.

Now you know about tons of fantastic cat breeds! From the yappy Siamese to the gentle Ragdoll, and from totally bald Sphinx to longhaired Turkish Angora, different pedigreed kitties have unique looks and personalities. There are also shelter mixed breeds who need your love!

As you can see, there’s pretty much a perfect cat breed for any family. Quiet cats, noisy cats, lazy fuzzy balls, lightning fast racers – take your pick! The most important thing is learning all about the different kinds of breeds and adopted kitties. That way you can find your purrfect furry buddy!

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